Water Slides

Inflatable Water Slides

Tropical water slide
Kids will make a splash as they slip down this smooth wet slide into a 2 foot deep wading pool! Has palm tree arches on top. 26'L x 14'W x 15'H

inflatable slides

Funnel Tunnel Water slide
Beautiful multi-color single lane slide, with rainbows and palm trees! Guaranteed to brighten up even the grumpiest among us! 28′ L x 10′ W x 18′ H

Dolphin water slide
Swim with Flipper as you go down this beautiful blue-gray slide right onto the grass! 22L x 12'W x12'H


Surf and Slide
Great on a hot day! Kids can double their fun and compete as they slide to glory on two slippery smooth tracks! Complete with colorful arches on top that spray water down and keeps the track wet. Stands 2' off the ground, is 32'L x 8'W x 8'H. Can be used alone or in conjuction with the Tropical Dual Lane Slide, making it 56' of sliding and surfing! Now that's a party!

inflatable slides, water slides

Wild Wave
This is a wide single lane slide with a hump in the middle for added excitement, and an extra large pool at the bottom. 33'L x 15'W x 19'H

inflatable slides, water slides

Slide N Splash
A colorful, big, wide slide, emptying into a pool. 23'L x 13'W x 14'H

Inflatables, water slides

Roaring River
This is a double lane slide, where water sprays across the top, with a drop into a pool at the end! This is the largest slide on the market with a 60 degree drop...very steep! 65'L x 20'W x 27'L

Inflatables, water slides




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