Water Slides-2

Water slides-2

Big Kahuna
This big, beautiful, colorful slide features 2 fish in front and stairs so you can watch the kids climb up and slide down! (22'L x 12'W x 16'H) Aloha!

Lil Kahuna
This smaller version of the Big Kahuna (don't let the picture here fool you!) is great for the little ones!

Rip N Dip Pirate Water Slide
Cool red and black double lane slide that looks like a pirate ship! 38'L x 12′W x 20′H

Tropical Dual Lane Slide Combo
This Monster of the "Mudway" combines the Tropical Dual Lane Slide and the Run and Splash (seen below) to make it 56' of wet, wild fun! For slightly bigger kids, they slide down onto the 35' straightaway and into the pool!

Run N Splash Tropical 2 Lane Slide
This beautiful slide is a feast for the eys, with palm trees and connecting rainbows adorning the top, and after participants slide down the double track, they splash down in the pool, screaming with delight! 8'H x 8'W x 35'L

Wild Rapids Water Slide
This new double lane slide stands 22' tall, has a hump in the middle, and at the end, whips right and drops into a pool! Buckle up! 24'W x 27'L x 22'H

Monster Wave Water Slide
Another giant slide, this one with a tidal wave up top, shoots sliders down a double lane, over a hump, whips them right and into a pool! Not for scaredy-cats! 25'L x 15'W x 18'H

Ride the Rockin' Rapids
Nice big slide! Looks like a log flume, with brown wooden logs across the top. Next best thing to going to a water park! 36'L x 14'W x 17'H


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