Invite the Winged Knight to your child's party and the kids will go "batty" with delight. He'll play all sorts of songs and games and bring the party to the next level.

Have a super time as we come to whatever metropolis you live in to bring our Superduperman to your child's party. He can't fly, but the kids will be walking on air when they see him!

Cowabunga, dude! Invite any of the 4 Turtles to your pizza party and have a crazy good time shredding the bad guys! All 4 colors are available.

Our Red Power Man will morph your party from dull to wow, as he shows off his cool karate moves to the kids and they have a fan-tastic time!

Our White Power Man will, well, basically do the same thing as the Red one! So whatever color your child likes, we can make it happen! And they can come together, if you like.

Come to the Dark Side and invite the Dark Lord to your party. Don't be afraid, though. The real Anakin is just below the surface and he will lead the children in songs and games, with just a hint of the Dark Side. Light-up saber included!

The force is with you if you invite Luke to the party! With his light-up saber, he will make short work of the bad guys. (His dad included!)

Hide in the shadows and scare the bad times away by inviting a Ninja Warrior to your next party. You'll have fun when you least expect it!

Other Superheroes may be available but are not shown, due to licensing regulations. Please call Howell to ask about those. 973-478-8999

The Holidays are upon us! Don't Wait to Book your Entertainment!

As the holidays approach, we are starting to see the appearance of a certain bearded man in a red suit! He is available for Christmas Eve, Day, and both pre-and post Christmas parties. We have plenty of other characters, too, from Mrs. Santa, an Elf, to a Magic Snowman and many others. For those who celebrate other holidays, our magicians, clowns and other characters are at the ready. As well as carnival games, and our fun food machines - popcorn, cotton candy and snow cone! Call Howell @ 973-478-8999 for details.