Snow Queen

Having a bad day? Let it Go! And invite our beautiful Snow Queen to your child's party. Make it snow all year round. (Not really, I'm just sayin' :))Her sister is also available upon request.

Royal Sister

The center of the snow realm is this girl, the Snow Queen's sister! Great to have by herself or with her big sister! She'll help you build a snowman!

Island Girl

Here's one of our newest additions, our Island Girl, a Polynesian powerhouse of fun and excitement! Aloha!


Welcome Cinderella to your child's party to magically liven up the festivities. Pumpkin not included.

Ariel, The Little Mermaid

Invite Ariel, the Little Mermaid to your child's party "Under the Sea", to lead songs and games and have your party go swimmingly!

Princess Sophie

Ever wake up one morning not feeling yourself? How about feeling like a princess?! Surprise! Well, your little one will also be surprised, when Sophie comes in and entertains at your party! Call now to reserve.

Belle, of Beauty and the Beast

Our lovely Belle will charm even the surliest Beast as she delights your guests at any event!

Tinker Bell

Clap your hands when you see Tinker Bell as she flies in to enliven your child's party! BYOS (Bring your own shadow)

Sleeping Beauty or Princess Aurora

There's no way you'll nod off with Sleeping Beauty in the room! She'll bring the No-Doz and you provide the kids! **IMPORTANT** Please remove all spinning wheels BEFORE Sleeping Beauty's arrival. Thank you for your cooperation.

Snow White and Cinderella

Here are BFF's Snow White and Cinderella at a party and just hanging around. Snow can come alone if you like, or with Cindy or any of the other ladies! Just one request: No apple pie, please!


Toto, I don't think we're in Kansas anymore! Actually, looks like Jersey. And it is, as Dorothy can come to your Oz party, red slippers and all! Also available are the Lion, Scarecrow, Tin Man and Witch. (Sorry Toto has to stay home. Someone has to keep an eye on the Munchkins!)

Alice in Wonderland

Fall down the rabbit hole and invite Alice to your child's party! She can participate in a tea party, play songs and games and lead everyone in a wonderful time!


Let down your hair and party with Rapunzel! Don't get tangled up in the hassle of entertaining the kids, let our beautiful princess come and do it!

The Nice Weather is Coming! Reserve your Spring/Summer Items Now!

Don't worry, it'll be warm soon! Call now to book all your spring/summer outdoor items for all your events. We have bounces, slides, games, fun food machines, and much more! Call 973-478-8999 today!