Party Decorations

Party decorations really liven up any party, adding color and giving the room a more festive look. We can do much in this area, including balloon arches, centerpieces, towers, stand-ups, or just loose balloons on ribbons around the room!

For example, the arch below really dresses up the table as you can see, framing it for whatever is placed upon it, be it food, the cake, a dessert table or gifts.

Arches are made with 2-3 different color balloons: 1 major color, 12" in diameter, highlighted by 1-2 5" balloons. Most colors and shades are available, just ask! Arches are constructed on site, the day of the event to insure your satisfaction and to maximize the effect of the helium.

Below is the arch from a different angle, and here you can see a banner we had made for Dylan's party! This is a more full banner, and we can make simpler ones as well, or even custom-made banners per your specifications.

Here you can see how the arch frames the table with the cake and a bunch of goodie boxes, ready for the kids' eager hands!

Here is a beautiful Princess Arch, created for a 1st Birthday Party. We also made table decorations, as seen below.

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