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Parties for Peanuts' Blog gives you helpful tips on throwing parties, hiring entertainment, and various do's and dont's when you are having a child's party.

We let you know when any new pages appear on Parties for Peanuts, featuring updates, contests, new costumes, etc...

For example, we are currently having a Best Santa Picture contest, with the winner getting a FREE Popcorn Machine Rental!

Northern NJ Superheroes

Superheroes will come to your child's party and lead the fun and games

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Northern NJ Testimonials

Testimonials and Reviews given by satisfied customers

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Northern NJ Combo bounces, Northern NJ Combo moonbounces

Combo Bounces

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Good Performers Always Needed

Looking for Perfomers for Parties

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Share your Santa pictures

Share your Santa pictures and stories and enter our contest to win a free popcorn machine rental

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