Interactive inflatables

Sticky Wall
Colorful and exciting, players put on velcro suits and propel themselves off an inflatable bounce up towards the velcro wall! Try to see how high you can stick! You can land sideways, upside down or any which way! Great fun and loads of laughs for participants and spectators. 12'W x 15'L x 12'H

Boxing Ring
For teenagers and adults only. Contestants put on oversized boxing gloves and headgear and duke it out in an inflatable ring. Can also be used as a bounce! Lots of fun for participants and spectators! 15'W x 15'L x 9'H

Human Pretzel
Our version of Twister, on an inflatable mat. Hey! Get your right hand red off my left foot blue! Lots of laughs and fun for all ages! 15' x 15'

Sumo Suits
Two contestants put on oversized vinyl suits and are instantly transformed into gigantic Sumo wrestlers, complete with wig and miwashi diaper. The referee starts the match and the giant wrestlers try to push, pull and "blubber" their opponent to the floor. This is a real crowd pleaser! Round, 10' circumference

Bungee Run
Two people wear harnesses and race down the lane to see who can place a velcro pouch farthest down the track before getting pulled back by the bungee cord. Lotsa larfs! 8'W x 32'L x 7'H

Gladiators Joust
This game puts two Gladiators doing battle in head gear on padded pedestals in an inflatable arena. See who will be the first to be knocked off-balance and off their pedestal by a blow from the enemy's foam-padded Joust pole! 18'W x 16' L

Gaga Pit
Played similar to Dodgeball, up to 10 players at a time can play. Players smack the ball instead of throwing it. Object is to hit other players below the knee to get them out. A player is out if they hit another player above the knee, knocks the ball out of the arena or if someone catches their ball. 20′L x 20′W x 3′H


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