Inflatable Dry Slides

Inflatable Dry Slides
Fire truck slide
Kids will love this big, beautiful dual-lane slide that ends in a safety net. These double slippery slopes form the back end of a monster fire truck. Watch kids line up for loads of fun! The safety walls around the landing pad controls the line-up and prevents collisions. 30'L x 15'W x 15'H

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Funnel Tunnel Slide
Beautiful multi-color single lane slide, with rainbows and palm trees! Guaranteed to brighten up even the grumpiest among us! 21′L x 10′W x 18′H

Catch a Wave Slide
The swelling curls of this massive slide have quickly become a party favorite! This unit features dramatic water-colored vinyl, undulating slide surfaces and the dual lanes that really keep things moving. This a dry slide only. 38′L x 21′W x 27′H

Rip and Dip Pirate Slide
Cool red and black double lane slide that looks like a pirate ship! 31'L x 12′W x 20′H

Tree House Slide
This truly gigantic slide is a sight to see, and for the brave at heart! 30' tall, it was actually the model for Home Tree in "Avatar" (only kidding!) But it is big enough it needs to be driven to it's location and put together by 3 staff members! It goes 32'L x 17'W x 30'H. Timber!!

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Tropical Dual Lane Slide
This is another big one! It is a beautiful 22'H x 12'W x 25'L, with palm trees and a rainbow arch, and has a 60 degree drop, and participants slide VERY FAST! Can only be used in conjunction with the Surf and Slide as it is dangerous by itself.

20 Foot Slide
Beautiful red, yellow and blue single lane slide. 30′L x 13′W x 20′H

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