Costume characters

Parties for Peanuts has many popular costume characters available to come to your child's party! As you can see on this page, as well as on Princesses and Superheroes, we have many costumes inhabited by highly trained performers ready to delight and entertain children of all ages. We have the most popular children's characters in house, or if they are a new costume character just released, available for rent. Scroll down and see what we mean! And if you don't see what you want, call anyway. We can probably get it.

Hello, ladies! Here are the Genie Girls, ready to enchant and amaze at your child's party! Available together or separately!

Say hi to one of our newest additions to the family, the "Girl Troll", one of our most popular characters right now!

And here's her buddy, the "Boy Troll", another fun and popular character!

Greet one of our newest friends from Paw Patrol, the "Police Dog", sure to be an arresting presence at your child's party.

Another buddy from PP is the "Fire Dog", the Dalmation famously known as mascot to the bravest! Now he can be your mascot, too!

Open wide and say hello to the "Little Doctor". She can come and cure any boring party. Order today to get a house call!

Show your individuality and break away from the pack and invite our "Yellow Monster" to your child's party!

Hide your Chips Ahoys and Oreos when our "Blue Monster" comes to your street! Be careful, he might go for the cake, too!

If blue is not your color, maybe your child would like the "Red Monster" to come to his/her party. Believe me, he would be "tickled" to meet your child and their friends!

Invite our "Large Yellow Bird" to your party and watch the feathers fly!

Your adventurous children will love visits from our "Explorer Girl" or "Explorer Boy"! They can come together or seperately, to play songs and games, and help the kids find their way out of the jungle!

For a fun pirate experience, consider "Jakey", the pirate boy.

Who lives in a pineapple in the ocean? It's the Squishy Guy! This giant sponge will come to your party and bring his hi-jinx and hilarity!

Pooh bear is ready to come to your party in search of his "hunny". Sure to delight young and old alike!

Yo! Invite your Big Green "Bro" to your child's party! You'll have plenty to Gab about afterward.

Hey, you blockhead! (Just kidding!) Don't forget to invite this icon of innocence to your child's party! Just no kite flying or yanking of footballs, please!

Here's the scoop! Do be do invite the Big Brown Dog to your next party and he'll chase those ghosts and crooks out and let the fun in!

Yipipoo! Invite the "Big Blue Dog" to your child's party, and we can include at no extra charge, a clue hunt, where they can put together 3 clues to solve a puzzle! Can also be accompanied by either Steve or Joe!

Start wigglin' with excitement as Captain Feather comes to your party full of pirate-y fun! He can come alone, and also has all his wiggly friends available as well. Get ready to laugh as he tickles you with his feather!

Yee-hah! Invite ol' Tex the cowboy to your child's party and get roped in for a rootin'-tootin' rip-roaring good time! Hope to see you soon, pardner!

Aarghhh! Shiver me timbers, matey! Your little landlubber will love Long John Sliver (Long John Silver's fun cousin!) to come over, lead songs and games, and maybe even a treasure hunt! Did I say Aarghh?!

Mee-oww! The White Kitten is ready to come to your party to lead the kids into a purr-fect time! And I don't care what they say, I still think she's a cat!

One of our newer additions, the "Pink Fairy", is available alone or with any of her pals from the Street!

All costumes, either above, on another page or not shown, are generic in nature and not intended to represent any licensed character. Any similarity to a licensed character is strictly coincidental.


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