Carnival Games

Parties for Peanuts has many Carnival Games to choose from! They are a perfect addition to any party, but most especially carnivals! They are either table-top models, or can go on the ground, and 3 games can be enclosed under a beautiful striped booth for a more professional look.

Hoop Shoot (Basketball Throw - Go 3 for 3 with a mini-basketball to win!)

Krazy Kans (Pyramid of Cans - knock them all down and win!)

Tic Tac Toe (Throw 3 Wiffle balls and get them in a row and you win!)

Fat Cats (8 Vertical Cats, knock down 3 to win!)

Crazy Hat (Cat in the Hat toss - Throw a wiffle ball into the hat)

Ball Bounce (Bounce 3 balls, and if they go into the same color hole, you win!)

Pitch Out (Beanbag Throw into the Catcher's Mitt)

Carnival Booths (10 x 10), which can house up to 3 games, as well as attendants and prizes, are also available.

Please call Howell for details. 973-478-8999


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The Holidays are upon us! Don't Wait to Book your Entertainment!

As the holidays approach, we are starting to see the appearance of a certain bearded man in a red suit! He is available for Christmas Eve, Day, and both pre-and post Christmas parties. We have plenty of other characters, too, from Mrs. Santa, an Elf, to a Magic Snowman and many others. For those who celebrate other holidays, our magicians, clowns and other characters are at the ready. As well as carnival games, and our fun food machines - popcorn, cotton candy and snow cone! Call Howell @ 973-478-8999 for details.