Carnival Games

Parties for Peanuts has many Carnival Games to choose from! They are a perfect addition to any party, but most especially carnivals! They are either table-top models, or can go on the ground, and 3 games can be enclosed under a beautiful striped booth for a more professional look.

Hoop Shoot (Basketball Throw - Go 3 for 3 with a mini-basketball to win!)

Krazy Kans (Pyramid of Cans - knock them all down and win!)

Tic Tac Toe (Throw 3 Wiffle balls and get them in a row and you win!)

Fat Cats (8 Vertical Cats, knock down 3 to win!)

Crazy Hat (Cat in the Hat toss - Throw a wiffle ball into the hat)

Ball Bounce (Bounce 3 balls, and if they go into the same color hole, you win!)

Pitch Out (Beanbag Throw into the Catcher's Mitt)

Carnival Booths (10 x 10), which can house up to 3 games, as well as attendants and prizes, are also available.

Please call Howell for details. 973-478-8999


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Bring the Party this Fall!

As the weather starts to cool down, we are still able to do outdoor activities! From a birthday party to a late-season Bar-B-Q to a block party! Add to the festivities with a bounce, carnival games, or one or more of our fun food machines - popcorn, cotton candy! And of course, all our characters, clowns and magicians are all available as well. Call Howell @ 973-478-8999 for details.