Carnival games-2

Parties for Peanuts has even more carnival games available for birthdays, christening, communions, block parties, carnivals, fund raisers, and much more...

Bottle Toss (Oversized Soda Bottles - Toss 3 Rings and if they all are ringers, you win!)

Stop & Throw (Traffic Light - Get 2 of 3 beanbags in 1 color to win!)

Ring Toss (Toss 3 Rings, get 3 ringers to win!)

Crazy Quarters (Drop a Quarter from the Clown's Head, it will bounce through the pegs, and if it lands in the Clown's mouth, you're a winner!)

Cover the Spot (Toss 5 Discs and try to cover the large red circle. If you cover it completely, you win!)

Match the Color (Each Player gets 2 pucks, drops one through pegs into a red, green or yellow slot. They then drop the 2nd one, and if it falls into the same color slot, you're a winner!)

First & Ten (Football Throw though the hole)

Star Dart (Throw a Dart with a Suction Cup tip onto a Star to win!)

Big Mouth (Throw 3 Beanbags into the Clown's mouth to win!)



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