Carnival games-2

Parties for Peanuts has even more carnival games available for birthdays, christening, communions, block parties, carnivals, fund raisers, and much more...

Bottle Toss (Oversized Soda Bottles - Toss 3 Rings and if they all are ringers, you win!)

Stop & Throw (Traffic Light - Get 2 of 3 beanbags in 1 color to win!)

Ring Toss (Toss 3 Rings, get 3 ringers to win!)

Crazy Quarters (Drop a Quarter from the Clown's Head, it will bounce through the pegs, and if it lands in the Clown's mouth, you're a winner!)

Cover the Spot (Toss 5 Discs and try to cover the large red circle. If you cover it completely, you win!)

Match the Color (Each Player gets 2 pucks, drops one through pegs into a red, green or yellow slot. They then drop the 2nd one, and if it falls into the same color slot, you're a winner!)

First & Ten (Football Throw though the hole)

Star Dart (Throw a Dart with a Suction Cup tip onto a Star to win!)

Big Mouth (Throw 3 Beanbags into the Clown's mouth to win!)



The Holidays are upon us! Don't Wait to Book your Entertainment!

As the holidays approach, we are starting to see the appearance of a certain bearded man in a red suit! He is available for Christmas Eve, Day, and both pre-and post Christmas parties. We have plenty of other characters, too, from Mrs. Santa, an Elf, to a Magic Snowman and many others. For those who celebrate other holidays, our magicians, clowns and other characters are at the ready. As well as carnival games, and our fun food machines - popcorn, cotton candy and snow cone! Call Howell @ 973-478-8999 for details.